The worldwide phenomenon connecting people in Danshui


【記者隋昀珈報導】We have entered the age of social media, most people no longer write letters as a mean of communication on a regular basis. Instead, we choose to stare down at our smart phones and continue to swipe. If we want to tell the world something, all we have to do is compose a message within a hundred and forty characters and tweet it. Sharing our lives has become an easier process, just post a photo or simply tag your location and all your friends will be notified.

Facebook was founded on February fourth during the year 2004, since then eleven yearshave passed. Its founder Mark Zuckerberg and fellow friends were just students at Harvard University back then, created Facebook as a way to meet new people or find old friends. Their story is well documented in the film The Social Media which came out four years ago. Facebook has 1.44 billion active users monthly and ten thousand and eighty-two employees. Its headquarters are located in California and the company is worth about thirty six billion dollars. Its services are available worldwide, except for some countries in which the website and app is banned.

Facebook is pretty easy to operate, to start you must register and set up an account and you are good to go. On the website you can post your thoughts or photos, follow your friends, tag your location, like videos or links and generally let people know what you are up to or keep up with your friends.  Follow other people or celebrities you like and see what they are doing. There is also an additional messenger app, so you can chat with your individual friends. Or send out invitations and invite your friends to join the chat and make it a group chat, after all the more the merrier.  Use your Facebook account to log in to other popular apps, that way each app can have a better understanding of your personal preferences.

Another function is to create a group, it can be useful in many ways. Students often use it to do group projects, this way they can post their thoughts in the group and others can respond and generate more great ideas. Or a group of people with the same cause or hobby can get together and share their ideas like a group of street vendors in Damshui got together and created a group, there they can share their latest work. And people can see when each vendor would be out and what kinds of things he or she is selling.

You can also create a fan page, many businesses, celebrities or individual projects have used this function. Keep up with your followers and interact with them. As administrator, you can monitor each post and see how many people have viewed it. This is an easy way to see what the followers like and would want to see in the future, use it as reference for your future posts. It is also a great way to sell your products, let your loyal customers know what is trending right now. While at the same time, gain new customers.

While out on a trip, it’s always fun to check in, let your friends know where you’ve been and how much fun you’re having. It is a fun and easy way to promote a tourist spot, restaurant, park or amusement park etc. For example, if I’m at the Danshui Harbor and check in. I will be able to see how many people have been there and how they like the harbor according to ratings (on a scale of one to five stars) and comments. It is a well-known fact that once something is well liked by others, people would rush there like a swarm of bees.

Over the years many users have expressed the desire for a dislike button. Not everything can be liked, everyone must have seen something that got there blood boiling and thinking I really don’t like that.  In September, Mark Zuckerberg announced that a dislike button is in the works. Their chief product director, Chris Cox explained that the “dislike” button is not really just a button. After pressing the like button for a few seconds, a bar will appear and it will show a few emojis with different emotions. People like to express how they feel about things and this is a way to be more accurate.

Facebook is a fun and dynamic app, it’s a way to share your life with your family and friends. It combines business with pleasure, get your work done while having fun. More than one billion people worldwide use it monthly, it has quickly become one of the most popular social media apps of this generation. If you have an account, log in today and see what everyone is up to.