When in Dansui, a few great places to visit


【記者隋昀珈報導】 Over the years Taiwan has become a popular tourist attraction, we are known for our diverse cuisine, friendly people, unique environment and spectacular views and landscapes. People come here to see “Formosa”, which means beautiful island. Dansui is a popular place to visit, during the month of September over two hundred and sixty-four thousand people visited the little town. The following is a list of favored tourist spots, compiled from different travel blogs and websites, seven places that you must visit in Dansui.
Number one, Dansui’s old street. Every little town has their own style or cuisine, in Taiwan there is almost always an old street in every town. Going there would be the fastest way to get to know the place, get a feel for the place and its people. Meet different kinds of people and see the cultural infused buildings while enjoying some delicious street food. Discover the local specialty and some unexpected surprises.
Number two, the Dansui river bank.Dansui is located near its namesake the Dansui River. Walk along the river bank and enjoy the light breeze and fresh air. Along the boardwalk there are usually street performers and vendors, even though some people might find them annoying and loud but if you take the time to browse around you might find something interesting. After all the only way to explore the world would be to see and experience new things. There are also some really cool stores along the way.
Number three, take a ride on the ferry boat and explore the river. You can take a ride on the Dansui River for a small fee, every company has its own routes but the two most popular ones are those going to Bali and the Fisherman’s wharf. During the boat ride, take in the breath taking view and enjoy the fresh air. Here’s a friendly reminder, remember the time for the last ferry or else you might have to take the bus back.
Number four, Visit the fisherman’s wharf. There you will find the famous lover’s bridge and the Fullon hotel. The lover’s bridge is inspired by the famous holiday, Valentine’s Day. The bridge is white and oval shaped, on the bridge you can see the spectacular view of the river from different angles. At night the bridge has a different glow, bright illuminating shine and the night scene is a whole different experience. Lights reflect off the river, listen to the soft whispers of the current while stars shine brightly above. There are actually many Fullon hotels located all around the country but the one here has a unique trait because it is shaped like a boat with a light house where people can actually head up there and enjoy the view from a very high vantage point. Since the hotel is very well located, most rooms have a pretty good river view. But everything must come with a price, a night at the hotel may cost a lot.
Number five, visit the custom officer’s resident or more commonly known as the little white house. It once housed different officials from many western countries in the 1860’s, during that time Taiwan was forced to open trade with foreign countries, so the Qing dynasty built this establishment for this very purpose. Nowadays it has become a popular place to take wedding photos and for history buffs, a place to relive history.
Number six, visit Pastor Mackay’s legacy and retrace his footsteps. George Leslie Mackay came to Danshui in 1872 and had a phenomenon impact on the people and its culture. There are a few places that you must visit, which include the Dansui church which he founded and the Oxford College. Also, you can visit his hospital which is now turned into a museum with a little cafe and the family grave. The above are just a few sights, there are actually a lot more to see, his foot prints are everywhere. Statues and sculptures of him are all over the place, so look closely and you might find them in some unexpected places.
After a long day of exploring, you must stay for one last thing and that is the final item on this list, a beautiful sunset. Watch the sun light glistens on the river and as the clouds turn from bright orange to a darker blue. There is nothing better than what nature can create and display in front of our eyes.
Dansui is a great place to explore, it has a great view, interesting people, culture and a lot of history. So next time head over there and see for yourself all the riches the little town has to offer.